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My Normand

My Normand Acoustic

Working on guitars is a passion.   From doing simple setups and getting a guitar to play the right way and feel good for the player to customizing a guitar to meet the needs and wants of the player is what I am all about.

  • Basic Guitar Setup Include:
    • Installation of new strings
    • Setting neck relief
    • Setting action
    • Setting intonation
    • Setting PUP heights
    • Cleaning all electronics
    • Cleaning and oiling fret board
    • Cleaning and polishing neck and body
  • Wiring upgrade Includes:
    • Replacing POTs with high quality CTS POTs
    • Replacing capacitors with high quality fluid filled parts – many options to choose from
    • Replacing all wiring with high quality vintage style cloth covered wire
    • Replacing jack with high quality switchcraft jack
    • Replacing switch with high quality instrument appropriate switch
    • All soldering done using real Silver solder
    • All wiring is hand done and completed to be neat and tidy

In addition to the the above which are the most common services, I also do the small stuff like:

  • This is my Gibson 70's re-issue SG. This I have kept bone stock as it came from the factory. I would like to one day remove the new Gibson circuit board style electronics, but I actually love how it sounds as is. I may just leave this one stock. Shudder at the though.

    This is my Gibson 70’s re-issue SG.

    Basic wiring changes like

    • Installing / changing PUPs
    • POT cleaning and lubricating (get rid of those scratching pots)
    • Coil splitting switches
    • Updating capacitors to better quality caps for better tone
    • Boost circuits
  • Basic guitar services like
    • Restringing
    • Nut replacements / adjustments
    • Saddle replacements / adjustments
    • Action adjustments
    • PUP height adjustments
    • Bridge adjustments / adjustments
    • Fret board cleaning and oiling
    • Body cleaning and polishing

Basically anything that you need done I am sure I can help you out with it.  I take an honest approach and will not take on a job I am not comfortable in doing.

In addition to guitar work, I can also do pedal and effects modification and building – contact me for more information about this.