What people are saying….

I have brought Derek multiple guitars and each time I get them back it’s like picking up the instrument for the first time and falling in love with it all over again.


Whether it’s a simple set up, switching out pick ups, or a complete overhaul, Derek is the guy I go to anytime I want work done.

Derek is a great guy! If I owned a guitar or knew how to play one I would get him to do all my guitar work. He is a nice boy and treats his mother and father very well. You would be lucky to have him as a friend.

Derek, is a great dude. Professional, quick, and has a Darth Vader suit. When ever something goes wrong, as things always do, my first thought is, “It’s ok, Derek will fix this.” And that’s what he does, fix things. I’ve yet to leave Derek without a solution to my problem.


Whether its a full rewiring, or a quick set up, Derek is the man to go to.


ALSO be sure to ask for his special sauce.

I have taken my bass to Derek a few times and he has always done a great job!


Quick turnaround means I am not left without my bass for more then a day or two.


Also great with trouble shooting electrical issues. I had grounding issues and he was able to solve them on the spot.


Great work Derek!

I gave my dads old Gibson SG custom from 1970 to Derek and he gave it its first tuneup in 45 years.


He was friendly, enthusiastic, thorough and extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the guitar.


That thing plays like it has never played before. I am definitely bringing any of my gear that needs some work to Derek from now on.


(Check out the SG Project in my gallery)

I have never met a nicer guy who really cares about what he does. I just wish he spent more time playing with me than he does playing his guitars.

Derek brings out the best in a instrument, which brings out the best in the musician. I’ve never trusted anyone more than Derek to care for my instruments.

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