My pedals on the bug board

Hanna Guitars BugBoard


I have been on the look-out for an inexpensive pedal board for both myself and some of my budget conscience customers.   Not everyone can afford to run out and drop big money on some of the big name brand pedal boards, nor is that the right thing to do when you don’t really gig all that much and just need a simple setup for whatever reason.


I came across this product that is MADE IN CANADA by Brent at Hannah Guitars and will only set you back a mere $60 Canadian (I think that is like $5.00 US right now). What they have done is provide the market with a product that is geared towards a certain market … not the serious gig player with thousands of dollars in pedals and effects, but the average Joe that doesn’t need a big fancy pedal board.    I think this is a great idea and something that has been needed in the marketplace for a long time.


It is a really neat little pedal board and the way it has been designed is really cool.  The boards are all CNC machined and it is shipped un-assembled.   You simply fit it all together like a jig-saw puzzle and once you get all the pieces together it is a nice solid pedal board that will fit the bill for an inexpensive option for those that don’t want to drop big coin.    I don’t think it will take a lot of abuse being taken to gigs or tossed around, but for a rig that stays put in your home or studio or if you take care in how you transport it, it should fit the bill for what it is.   I should point out that I haven’t put it through any sort of stress testing myself… but that will come over the next couple weeks.  It is going to get plenty of pounding and transporting.   I will update the review once I put this puppy through it’s paces.  One thing I do want to comment on is that an excellent job was done on how well it has been machined.   Once assembled there is no slop or give to the unit and it feels like a very solid piece.


I managed to get my 4 effects pedals that I am currently using onto the board, along with my Marshall foot switch.   Something that I really liked was the ability to mount my VooDoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus inside the unit just below the top shelf.   I was able to route all my power cables to the pedals in a nice manner making it really clean.    I should also point out (as you can see in the picture), that the design of the board is such that you don’t need to put Velcro on your pedals to mount them.   They supply both zip-ties and rubber bands (yes, rubber bands) that you use to fasten the pedals to the board.   I tried the rubber band method first before wanting to commit my pedals to the product, I was pleasantly surprised that they actually did a decent job of holding them in place.   They were a tad wiggly for my liking so I opted to go the zip tie route in the end… and I couldn’t be happier with how everything is setup.


I also have in my rig a Morely volume pedal and Dunlop Jimmy Hendrix Wah, which don’t fit on the board unfortunately.    We discussed a modification or product to allow for larger (longer) style pedals like a Wah or Volume,  they tell me that they will consider it and I am anxiously waiting for what they come up with.


They also tell me that a larger model might be in the works that can handle more pedals rather than the 6 that this is designed for.  It  will be dependent on demand from the public… so if you like what you see, drop them a line and let them know you would be interested.  All in all, it’s a great product, priced really well, and it’s worth giving a shot if you are so inclined