Fastback PUPsFastback Guitar Pickups


I can’t say enough good things about what the boys at Fastback guitars do when it comes to unique boutique custom pickups.


Not only is there current line of standard pickups awesome, but if you talk to them about what you are trying to achieve they will take the time to work with you to get you the sound you are looking for.   They made for me a custom set of HOT wound (Texas Hot) PUPs for my Telecaster.   I wanted a very hot Neck PUP so that when switching from bridge to neck wasn’t so drastic in sound volume.    They delivered…. they produced an amazing covered neck pup that matched the Texas Hot bridge pup they made me.


I recently had them make me a custom set for my Les Paul.   They made for me a P90 sounding pup in a Humbucker case for the neck position and a slightly modified Old Imperial bridge pickup.    They sound just amazing.   I love the tone and sound of a P90 in the neck position and the contrast to the Oid Imperial in the bridge is awesome.   It has me loving the Les Paul all over again.


These are my go-to-guys for many of my customers when we are trying to dial in a sound that the artist is looking to get.  You just can’t go wrong with these guys!