About Me

I am Derek Serianni from Burlington, Ontario, Canada and I want to be Your Guitar Guy!

Me rocking out with the guys in Grand Line.

Me rocking out with the guys in Grand Line.

I have been doing guitar tech for many years and have worked with a wide variety of artists and bands over the years making sure their gear makes them sound great and feels the way the artist wants it to feel.  Whether this means a simple setup or diving into the electronics and customizing it to produce the tone that they are looking to achieve.

As a player myself and with a knack for the technical side of things (it’s the engineer in me), I started out learning by working on my own gear.  I liked learning how things worked and how to both set things up the right way or make changes to make things better.  I quickly learned how do do everything from simple setups then progressing into modding & upgrading.  When I was working as an audio engineer doing live shows in various clubs and venues, I often found myself teching for artists who were on the road but didn’t have a tech with them.  It was very satisfying being able to help these guys out and it helped me perfect my skills even further.  I am now comfortable with doing full restorations (within reason) for those that want an old road-worn guitar brought back to a look they want.   I just finished a Telecaster restoration for myself that I am very proud of (check it out in the gallery section).

2014 Les Paul Jr.

My 2014 Les Paul Jr.

For the past while I have only been doing tech work for friends when they asked me to have a look at their gear and as word of mouth started to go around, I am finding myself back in the swing of things and decided to start opening up skills to others.   My pure passion in doing this is from all the

This is my Telecaster that I restored. It was originally a sunburst finish. This got completely re-done from scratch and I gave the hardware a relic or aged treatment. Check out the Gallery for more info on this project.

My Telecaster

positive feedback I received from people and the genuine happiness that people express when I can get their gear to a state that makes them happy for a reasonable cost.  I was often surprised in hearing either what others were charging for simple stuff or seeing and hearing about some absolute butchery that was going on.   I love guitars and nothing makes me sadder than to see a guitar that has been mistreated by someone who said they could do guitar work.  I put a lot of pride into what I do and I will not rest till you are happy with your gear.

All of my guitar wiring is done by hand, I use professional soldering stations, silver solder, vintage cloth covered wire, high quality components like CTS POTs, high end capacitors, high end switches and jacks.   You will never find any cheap off-brand stuff in my components bins.

I have relationships with a wide variety of suppliers for things like custom wound PUPs, components, and replacement parts.  I can source everything from genuine parts (vintage and modern, quality reproductions (when budget is a concern), or budget parts for those that just want to build a cheap franken-guitar.   The key to a successful build is discussing all options, listening to your concerns, goals, and budget and working together to build what makes sense.

I am the guitar guy for a lot of local artists and I can be “Your Guitar Guy”… drop me a line and I would be happy to work with your to achieve your goals. Check out my services page to find out what I can do for you.   My rates are very reasonable and I take pride in the work that I do.  I am not satisfied until you are.

I have included photos of all my own guitars on some of the pages.   These are my pride and joy….

Thanks for visiting and feel free to contact me with any questions.